Bishop Odo

Odo is a larger-than-life historical figure and villain of the 11th century. As William’s half brother, he actually rules England for more years than William does, because William is most often in Normandy fighting with the French king or other nobles or surrounding duchies. The real Odo was an indefatigable character.  After a number of years and various incidents, William finally got tired of his nonsense and imprisoned him for collecting his own army, ostensibly to force Odo’s suit for the papal throne. As he lay dying, William finally forgave Odo, then, after Odo got out of prison, he backed Robert Curthose, William’s oldest son, against his brother William Rufus for the English crown!  Perhaps as an act of contrition, he decided to help organize the first Crusade, but he died in Palermo before he got there.