Meet The Cast

Winter Foenander

Winter is a stand-up comedian who recently gave his voice to the audio drama Dilty Moss, a dystopian nightmare where his character has to save his bestfriend from dying.

« At the beginning, many years ago, I went out, with all the confidence, none of the skills, for an audition for a very famous cola company. We had to do a fight scene. The first guy had experience in boxing, I’ve got ten years in Shotokan karate, so I had to do a sequence of moves and that went fine. We knew at this stage who got the part, but we had a last piece to do for the camera. I had no experience in acting or anything like that, meaning no experience in visualizing. The line was « Be gone, evil one ». We had to visualize a can of coke in front of us and say the line. I put everything into it ! Before I knew it, my interpretation made me cross my eyes, and they made me do it many, many times. So there is a tape out there, of me, doing cross eyes for a cola company. That’s the lesson : before you get into it, get a bit of experience, few acting classes, put the safety nest on you first ! »

James Reynard

James first performed professionally in ‘A Life in the Theatre’, and has subsequently appeared in numerous voice, film and stage productions, including numerous theatre tours to many European countries and Canada. He has also adapted a number of novels and short stories for stage, two of which have been published for performance. He is known for his role in the feature « Misanthropos » as Timon, the podcast « Coexistence » as Professor Richard Keller or « The Merchant of Venice », a theater production performed in German.

« I always wanted to appear in a Western, and was cast as outlaw, Jack of Hearts, in ‘Red Rose’, a short, which went on to do very nicely in festivals with nominations and awards, including the Independent Shorts Awards in LA, and the wonderfully named Wild Bunch Film Festival (all Westerns) in Arizona.” 

Andrew Bowes

Andrew is an actor, a vocalist and a voice over artist.
He is mostly a stage actor, known for his role as Manuel and other Britcom characters. He also starred as Sonny Bono in ITV’s “Autopsy”. He has been cast as the lead actor in the film “Fish in a barrel” in pre-production with York Media.
“I like to make people feel emotions, that’s it really. I like to be a good communicator, that’s how I feel about life. And I think life is a blessing. When I say a blessing, it is a gift really. Make the most of it.”

Matt Fearnley

Matt is mainly a voice-actor, jobbing around doing stage and film work as well. He is known for his role in “Jeeves and Wooster” directed by Andrew Corcoran, “Samwise”, a self-directed audio play and “Macbeth”directed by John Bick.

“Well I did go to school once, many moons ago. I have only just started to act professionally in the past couple of years. Family and bills came along. I am now following my heart and doing what I wanted to do years ago and it is great ! Follow your heart !”

Liviu Bora

Liviu is an actor, known for his roles in “Afikoman”, by Mélanie Thierry ; “Mortel” by Alexandre Astier (Netflix) and “5 minutes”, a film directed by Anthony Lesaffre.

“Lately, with the pandemic, I’ve found a new love for acting, a more mature one. The times being so tough now, everybody feeding off of the concerns of one another makes for a very bottomless pit. So when I get to act, for that time, I can have a vision of another place another time. And it’s with this feeling of joy that I’ve embraced this project. It’s important that we go back and forth within history. Answers for our current struggles always lay in some dust covered book and I know the Tapestry of Bayeux has some unexpected answers for what we’re going through. I hope that, through listening, you’ll get the same joy that I share with everyone in the cast of telling its story.”

Zoe Cunningham

Zoe is half technologist and half actor. She recently played the lead role in the world premiere of “Self Centre” by Jackie Carreira. She played the lead role, Kate, in award-winning experimental feature “Nightlens” and Amy in the internationally acclaimed short film “Symptoms” for which she won an award for Best Supporting Actress.

“I started retraining as an actor in 2014 after reading The Artist’s Way, a book for unblocking creative people. The author, Julia Cameron, talks about how things will fall into place when you are on the right path…and they did !”

Pierre Georges

Pierre is an actor and comedian, known for his role in “L’Autre”, a play by Florian Zeller ; “Jack the Musical” by Erik Sitbon and Christopher T Georges and “La Crème de la crème”, a film directed by Kim Chapiron.

“I remember that one time singing Mozart’s Requiem with the choir I was on at the Royal Albert Hall ! What a magical moment and a big communion with all the people gathered that day.”

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